In her book "You Are Psychic" Trish guides readers through a series of exercises, meditations, and examples to develop and raise self-esteem and psychic abilities.



Meet Trish as she travels promoting her book, teaching a variety of workshops and offering 

Corporate lectures.



How are your communication skills?

Join Trish as she promotes effective communication in the workplace, in families and between partners.


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Trish offers a range of services, including readings, meditations, workshops, seminars.

During 2019 Trish will be offering a range of Women's Empowerment talks and workshops and weekend retreats.


Tarot, Numerology and Clairvoyance Readings
Cost $150 for approx. 1hour

Psychic readings offer new insights into difficult situations and can help you to let go of resentment and bitterness, making way for a new positive outcome in your future. It is important to understand that readings are to help you find options and to make positive choices in your life. Everyone has several life lines, readings can give you the most likely choices you will make, but also provide some alternatives.


You are the master of your destiny and the final choice in all situations is yours to make. Join Trish in a wonderful opportunity to explore and redefine your future.

Readings are in person and are available  during the year on the sunshine coast Queensland, Adelaide and the Barossa Valley.


Disclaimer – all readings are for guidance only.