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Numerology for 2019

What will the Universal Year 3 hold for us?

The number 3 brings the love vibration with waves of joy, happiness and enlightenment to earth. Creativity will sweep the planet, lifting your energy as you move forward. this is a good year to work towards fulfilling your dreams.

the number 3 promotes artistic expression, freedom, optimism and inspiration.

Create, Create, Create.....

You can help yourself by creating mandalas or vision boards. Show the Universe what you would like to create in your world. Work with colour and enthusiasm as you project new ideas, take on new ideas, take on new studies and broaden your world with new friendship bases. Work out what makes your heart sing and set up a plan to make it happen in 2019.


This year could bring amazing people into your life including new and intimate relationships. This year is a great year for passionate affairs, engagements or weddings.


New friendships will bring joy and old friendships will deepen. There should be more truth in communication which in turn heightens and allows the friendships to strengthen and develop. The number 3 is the staple for sociability within the number ranks, focusing strongly on kindness, honesty and creativity. Like attracts like to attract a good friend be one!


This year make a point in finding beauty in all of your surroundings. Take long walks in nature, spend time in your garden or refurbishing your house. Within a 3 year, a greater sense of appreciation and love for pets and animals is apparent. This will hopefully lighten the desire for big game hunters to partake in their doings and take a moment to enjoy the animals for their natural beauty.