In her book "You Are Psychic" Trish guides readers through a series of exercises, meditations, and examples to develop and raise self-esteem and psychic abilities.



Meet Trish as she travels promoting her book, teaching a variety of workshops and offering 

Corporate lectures.



How are your communication skills?

Join Trish as she promotes effective communication in the workplace, in families and between partners.


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Up coming events for South Australia

Usui Reiki 1


One day Workshop


Trish and Gordon Stevens - Usui Reiki Masters/Teachers for over 20 years

Hands on healing for everyone to improve general well-being and to bring your body back into balance. You will learn how to do a professional “hands on” treatment for yourself and others. Understand the chakras system and how you can change your consciousness to improve your life and your health. Metaphysical reasons for illness will be explained during the day. You will receive four attunements

Benefits of Reiki include

Stress relief

Deep relaxation

Easing insomnia

Pain relief

Promoting general well being

Improving general health

Lifting your-vibrations

Raising self-worth

Calming distressed children

Date:             Saturday 12th Oct 2019

Time:             9.30am – 4.30 pm                         

Venue:          Norwood

Cost:              $220              Deposit         $100  

Deposits       Non-refundable but transferable for 12 months

Lunch:           1 hour off - BYO or short drive to nearest shops

Bookings:     Please text Trish 0412 350 402 or


Usui Reiki 11


One day Workshop


Trish and Gordon Stevens - Usui Reiki Masters/Teachers for over 20 years

There are many ways to work with energy; Reiki 1 & 2 provides good training and more skills for your tool box.


In Reiki 11 you will learn how to utilize four Universal symbols, work with the subconscious mind, enjoy doing distant and absent healing, work on past lives for the purpose of healing and learn chelation to clear the body’s energy lines.

You will learn how to work with four Universal symbols. Chelation is the only physical body work taught in Reiki 11


Reiki 11 will be available

Venues        Norwood      

Dates           Sunday 13th Oct 2019

Times           9.30am – 4.30 pm

Lunch           BYO or cafes nearby

Cost              $330        Deposit $100

Deposits       Non-refundable but transferable for 12 months

Bookings:     Please text Trish 0412 350 402 or


Pleiadian Star Healing – Part 1

Advanced Healing Techniques

with Trish Stevens

Prerequisites:         Usui Reiki 1 and 2, Isis Seichim

An invitation to be become a student is this exciting course taking you deeper and deeper in the field of energy healing. Includes one long attunement.

This will extend you and encourage you to work with more symbols, to know your coloured Rays and to understand your personal journey.


This course involves written work and work at the massage tables. Please be sure to know your Isis Seichim symbols well before attending this course. One long attunement


This course includes


Discernment lessons

Where did you come from?

Working with your auric field

Understanding the coloured healing rays

Connecting with members of your monad and soul group

Your responsibilities according the to the Rays you are currently working on.

Date:             Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October 2019

Time:             9.30am - 4.30pm

Venue:          Norwood

Lunch:           1 hour off - BYO, or a short walk / drive to shops

Cost:              $595  deposit $195 You will be booked into this course on receipt of your


Deposits        Non-refundable but transferable for 12 months

Bookings are essential please text Trish 0412 350 402


   Trish x

with Trish Stevens MASC. CORP. W.P. AROM.