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Past, Parallel & Future Life Seminar

28th November - 2nd December 2021

9.30am - 4.00pm

No prior training in the healing field is required as this is a separate modality.

Past, Parallel & Future Seminar

This seminar is suitable for healers to extend their therapies, for people working towards ascension by clearing cells and anyone interested in understanding their life’s journey.


It presents you with an opportunity to learn about life after life on earth as you visit different dimensions to find you true spiritual home.


Healing your chakras, bringing light into your cells, connecting to your higher self and meeting your soul aspects.


Learn about life between lives, clearing phobias, pledges, oaths, vows, spells, relationships, soul mate relationships, karmic connections, debts and the journey of your soul extensions.


You will extend your knowledge as a healer and a therapist, add new skills to your toolbox, clear your own past lives and to bring your shadow into the light for healing.


The seminar will include archetypal work, working with rays of light, releasing and forgiveness. You will be working with the energy of ancient societies up to and including recent past lives. Come and join this talented teacher on a venture into your history, working with the energy of your ancestors to awaken and develop your latent skills.

This seminar will attract people who are ready to move forward by clearing past lives, viewing parallel lives and investigating possible future lives. We will be exploring life between life in other dimensions.

It would be especially helpful for anyone wanting to include past life therapy in their healing practice.

It is an opportunity to step up the ladder if you are actively working towards ascension.

Please note

  • No recording devices

  • Lunch 1 hour at your own expense

  • Remembering this will be very personal for each student

  • Where can you use your skills? - Private use or in a healing room

  • Please don’t discusses others personal experiences outside the seminar


This is an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends



0412 350 402



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