In her book "You Are Psychic" Trish guides readers through a series of exercises, meditations, and examples to develop and raise self-esteem and psychic abilities.



Meet Trish as she travels promoting her book, teaching a variety of workshops and offering 

Corporate lectures.



How are your communication skills?

Join Trish as she promotes effective communication in the workplace, in families and between partners.


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“We are not alone, we have access to divine assistance through connecting with our higher self and working with our intution”


About Trish - Educator, Corporate lecturer, Author, Professional Stress Consultant, and Aromatherapist.

For many years Trish has worked in two diverse fields using her unique talents to help many people.

With Diplomas in Corporate Stress Management, Stress Consultancy and Aromatherapy, she also holds certificates in Stress Counselling in the Workplace, Anger and Aggression Management, Relaxation Skills, Bereavement Counselling and Communication Skills and is an 

International teacher and consultant. 

Trish also works in the world of Metaphysics as a healer/teacher.

Her classes and seminars include Usui Reiki 1 & 11, Isis Seichim, Numerology, Energy Chakras and Colours, Advanced Chakra Workshops, Aromatherapy, Counselling through the chakras, and hosts mini workshops and Women's Empowerment Talks.



My aim is to help people to reach their highest potential and to achieve personal mastery.



Trish currently lives on the sunshine coast in beautiful Queensland, Australia. She is one of the founders and managers of Keys of Change.

Trish is the author of “You Are Psychic” she will be travelling around Australia and overseas promoting her book, teaching a variety of workshops and seminars in 2019.