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“My aim is to help people to reach their highest potential and to achieve personal mastery”

Hello and welcome to my page


Thank you for taking the time to visit. 

I hope that you will enjoy exploring my website.  

I am pleased to share information with you and I look forward to connecting with many of you.

As the energy of the Universal Number 5 year comes to earth, we will have many opportunities to work with positivity and to bring changes into our lives. 

Many this year will experience new jobs, new relationships, new thought patterns which will enrich your lives.


It is an exciting time to be here on earth and to start new projects.

“We are not alone, we have access to divine assistance through connecting with our higher self and working with our intuition”

Love & Blessings


Psychic readings offer new insights into difficult situations and can help you to let go of resentment and bitterness, making way for a new positive outcome in your future.

When you expand and explore your natural gifts you will be connected to your inner

teachers and embark on the wonderful journey of enlightenment.

Usui Reiki I & II, Isis Seichim, Pleiadian Star Healing, Mediumship  Numerology, Energy Chakras and much more.

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